Is Our Site Eligible?

PHAP's host site application period is now closed.

The next host site application period will be in early 2025.

Each associate is assigned to a designated host site and host site supervisor(s) for a two-year assignment beginning in October. Host sites from state, tribal, local, and territorial public health agencies; nongovernmental organizations such as community-based organizations, public health institutes and associations, and academic institutions are encouraged to apply to host an associate. Assignments must be suitable for recent graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree with little or no work experience in public health. For further assignment and program details, please see the About PHAP section of this website.

Host Site Eligibility

Host sites are selected based on the scope, quality, and diversity of the experience they can offer to the associate based on their application. Selection criteria are specified during the application process and typically include–

  • Detailed description(s) of host site assignment activities and deliverables
  • Ability of the host site to support the associate as an employee (e.g., resources, training needs for the associate, travel support for training, etc.)
  • Demonstrated capacity to provide associates with employment training (e.g., safety; security; information technology; standards of conduct, in accordance with state and local requirements)
  • Assurance that the host site will provide program-specific training to enable and enhance the associate’s work performance

Host Site Requirements

Agencies and organizations selected to host a public health associate must enter into CDC’s Agreement to Detail [PDF – 103 KB]. The Agreement outlines the following:

  • Objectives of the assignment
  • Requirements for the associate’s position and supervision
  • Costs and cost responsibilities
  • Leave and hours processes
  • Applicability of rules, regulations, and policies
  • Training requirements
  • Time period of assignment

This legally binding document cannot be revised.

Host Site Supervisor Requirements

Host site supervisors are critical to the success of PHAP and help ensure both meaningful and professional development opportunities exist, and applicable performance requirements are achieved within the assignment period.

Ongoing and appropriate day-to-day supervision of the associate is the responsibility of the host site supervisor(s). Supervision requirements of an associate may be substantial, particularly at the start of a new assignment. Host site supervisors are expected to assist with the associate’s integration into the host site, oversee the training and field activities of the associate, ensure the associate is familiar with relevant techniques in a given program area, and encourage and support the overall professional development of the associate. The host site supervisor monitors the associate’s day-to-day activities and help the associate achieve all of the PHAP competencies.

Host site supervisors are required to be full-time staff, have prior supervisory experience, and be actively involved in the work activities of the associate. In addition, the primary host-site supervisor must devote four hours per week providing the associate with direct supervision, mentoring, guidance, and on-the-job training.

Responsibilities for the host site supervisor include
  • Orienting the associate to division/branch areas, staff, norms, policies, and protocols at the host site
  • Planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating associate activities
  • Providing support for required program-specific trainings, relevant to the associate’s work duties
  • Involving the associate in two-way communication regarding work activities and professional development
  • Monitoring assignments to ensure the associate is involved in appropriate and meaningful work experiences and activities
  • Facilitating attainment of PHAP competencies and assignment-specific performance requirements
  • Providing regular and constructive feedback to the associate on his or her performance
  • Providing input on the associate’s CDC-required mid-year and annual  performance evaluations
  • Documenting concurrence with routine time and attendance reporting (e.g., annual and sick leave, credit, and travel time)
  • Providing associate with ongoing opportunities for professional development
  • Communicating with the CDC PHAP supervisor to monitor progress and identify and resolve any issues regarding the assignment.