As of 6/8/2022, the following additional tests are back online:

  • CDC-10475: Chagas Disease Molecular Detection
  • CDC-10238: Leishmania Species Identification

As of 2/24/2022, the following tests are back online:

  • CDC-10458: Chagas Disease Serology
  • CDC-10234: Parasites: Morphologic Identification
  • CDC-10520: Malaria: Morphological Identification

Each test request (order) requires preapproval by the CDC Parasitic Diseases Branch. Please contact dpdx@cdc.gov to request preapproval for your testing request. The preapproval for your request will include important details about current submission requirements and forms.

All other assays for serological, molecular, or characterization of parasitic diseases—and Trichomonas susceptibility testing—at CDC remain temporarily offline. We are working to restart additional testing as soon as possible for each test and will update this communication as soon as we are able.

CDC offers consultation to healthcare providers in the absence of diagnostic testing. Healthcare providers needing assistance with diagnosis or management of suspected cases of parasitic diseases may contact CDC’s Parasitic Diseases Hotline at (404) 718-4745, or e-mail parasites@cdc.gov.

The standard method for diagnosing ascariasis is by identifying Ascaris eggs in a stool sample using a microscope. Because eggs may be difficult to find in light infections, a concentration procedure is recommended.

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