Office of Science Quality (OSQ)

The Office of Science Quality (OSQ) was established within OADS to increase the impact of CDC research and science by promoting standards and recommended practices for scientific quality, relevance, credibility, transparency, and utility within the agency and throughout the public health community.

There are several functional areas of OSQ:

  • The Science Support is responsible for increasing the impact of CDC science by promoting high standards of scientific quality, relevance, credibility, and utility within the agency through the support of CDC scientists and programs.
  • The Guidelines and Recommendations Activity is responsible for improving the impact, transparency, quality, and credibility of CDC guidelines and recommendations through the development of recommended practices, standards, and training.
  • The e-Clearance and Public Access Activity is responsible for ensuring that the best possible science is available to public health departments, partners, and the public through support of the CDC scientific clearance process and support and promotion of public access to CDC science.

To contact the Office of Science Quality send an email to

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