The Office of the Associate Director for Science (OADS) provides service and support to the CDC scientists as they work to protect people’s health and improve the quality of their lives. Our focus is on strengthening the quality and integrity of CDC’s science. Furthermore, by fostering innovative and successful scientific collaborations and partnerships we are also working towards enhancing the relevance of our science and its health impact.

Our office is also a home to the Office of Science Quality (OSQ) which is responsible for advancing the quality of CDC’s science and championing the translation of research through the development of science policies and best practices (e.g., authorship, scientific clearance, peer review, and extramural research policies); the Office of Scientific Integrity, which ensures that CDC science and research activities comply with various federal laws, regulations, and policies; coordinates the agency’s 301(d) and 308(d) confidentiality protections; ensures leadership in public health ethics; and provides training to promote a well-educated and ethical domestic and international workforce at CDC; and the Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI) which fosters innovative science and supports the transition of results into practice through technology transfer and the testing and implementation of innovative ideas across the agency.

Formal and legal agency-level authorities within OADS are:

  • Senior Scientific Clearance Official
  • Agency Research Integrity Liaison Officer
  • Institutional Official for Animal Research
  • Institutional Official for Human Research Subjects
  • OMB Paperwork Reduction Act Reports Clearance Officer
  • Confidentiality Officer and Privacy Officer

Four pillars of OADS priorities and responsibilities are:

  • Serve and support CDC scientists & scientific disciplines
  • Enhance the quality, integrity of and access to CDC science
  • Enhance the relevance and impact of CDC science
  • Foster innovative and successful scientific collaborations and partnerships
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