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Skin Permeation Calculator

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The skin permeation coefficient (kp) is a measure of the conductance of skin to a particular chemical from a particular vehicle. This calculator estimates the value of kp from an aqueous vehicle using three different models: Frasch, Potts & Guy and Modified Robinson.

Two inputs are required: molecular weight (MW) and the base-10 logarithm of the octanol-water partition coefficient (logKow) of the compound of interest. These models have been optimized based on experimental data compiled by Flynn.

The user may also browse the Flynn data base of experimental kp‘s. Calculation of the modeled kp will automatically be performed for the chosen chemical.

A downloadable version of the Skin Permeation Calculator is now available. Please click here to download an executable file to your computer.

Clicking on the .jar file will open the calculator on your computer.

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