Falls in the Workplace: Aerial Lifts

Scissors Lift

Aerial lifts are powered and mobile platforms that are used for elevating workers to various heights, which exposes workers to fall hazards.

Training is necessary for anyone using aerial work platforms and equipment. In an effort to create awareness about common workplace hazards when using aerial lifts, NIOSH has developed educational tools and products. Employers, trainers, safety and health professionals, and aerial lift operators can use the following information to prevent work-related falls.

Note: NIOSH uses the term ‘aerial lifts’ as an overarching term to capture multiple types of lifts, such as scissor lifts and boom lifts. It is important to note that both OSHA and ANSI standards vary for different types of lifts.


NIOSH Aerial Lift Hazard Recognition Simulator

Lift Simulator Main Screen

This free simulator provides realistic workplaces with multiple dangerous hazard types that scissor and boom lift operators can navigate from the safety of a computer. Experienced operators can use the simulator to refresh their knowledge, and new operators can familiarize themselves with hazards they may encounter on the job. Using the simulator is not a substitute for required training to operate aerial and boom lifts.

Use the NIOSH Aerial Lift Hazard Recognition Simulator today! See ‘Tools’ below for instructions to launch the Simulator from your computer.