Mining Project: Slip, Trip and Fall Hazard Identification and Remediation In Surface Mining Facilities

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Principal Investigator
Start Date 4/1/2014
End Date 9/30/2014

To prepare a preliminary characterization of slip and fall risk factors at surface mine facilities to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a taxonomy of risk factors and to inform the development of a more detailed study.

Topic Area

Research Summary

According to MSHA data, slips and falls were the second largest contributor to non-fatal injuries in the U.S. mining industry from 2003 to 2012. However, the morbidity associated with and exposure to slip, trip, and fall (ST&F) hazards has not been recently evaluated for surface mine sites. This represents a significant gap in the knowledge necessary to reduce these injuries.

This project had two research aims:

  1. Provide a detailed description of the morbidity and risk factors associated with ST&F at surface mining sites.
  2. Collect preliminary (pilot) data on exposures to ST&F hazards at surface mining facilities.

For this project, researchers analyzed archival data on non-fatal and fatal injuries recorded by MSHA to identify risk factors associated with ST&F injuries and fatalities. Researchers also identified ST&F hazards at select surface mining facilities. The findings of this pilot project were used to develop a project proposal to investigate ST&F hazards at surface mining operations.

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