Mining Feature: OMSHR's New Website

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Monday, September 24, 2012

OMSHR website on PC monitor

The new OMSHR website

For many years, the Office of Mine Safety and Health Research's (OMSHR) website served as an important tool for safety and health experts whose work making mining safer relies on OMSHR research to guide their efforts.

With an extensive online library of past research documents, this vast source of safety and health information has been vital to research efforts across our country. Now, OMSHR is taking a new step forward to bring our mining research to an even larger audience.

This fall, OMSHR will launch a new mining website focused on bringing web users the latest in mine safety and health research, topical information concerning safety and health, videos detailing our research projects, and feature stories on some of our current innovations.

Moving beyond the online library approach, OMSHR is dedicating the new website to keeping you up-to-date on our research with an emphasis on showing how we are taking that research and turning it into practical solutions in mining.

From improving lighting to preventing slips, trips and falls to designing equipment that measures rock dust concentrations to prevent explosions, OMSHR is at the forefront of mine safety and health and we want you to know about it.

In addition to videos, topical features, and timely news, the website features new tools to help you find the information you want. Improved search functions, web pages designed just for you, and a new feature called MINE FIND, (an interactive search tool) can help you locate exactly the information you need.

In the first few months after the website launch we will be seeking feedback from you to determine if we are on the mark via an online survey. We’ll take that feedback and work to improve your OMSHR website experience Please take the time to reply to this survey so that we may continue to improve this important communication tool for you and all of our visitors.

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