Mining Feature: 2021 Meeting of the Automation and Emerging Technologies Partnership

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The second meeting of the Mine Automation and Emerging Technologies Health and Safety Partnership was held as a virtual meeting in two half-day sessions on Aug. 17 and 18, 2021.

This meeting provided a continued opportunity for industry, manufacturers, academia and Automation partnership meeting bannerothers who are working on autonomous mobile equipment and associated technologies to discuss the state of the technology, including system development, testing, implementation activities, research findings, health and safety concerns, and regulatory considerations.


Click on presentation title links below to view the presented slides in PDF format. Presentation file hosting courtesy of the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association website.

Day 1 - August 17

Time (PDT) Time (EDT) Topic Speaker Affiliation
8:00am 11:00am Welcome and introduction George Luxbacher NIOSH
8:10am 11:10am Meeting agenda Joel Haight University of Pittsburgh
8:15am 11:15am Recap of Oct 2020 meeting Joel Haight University of Pittsburgh
8:25am 11:25am Industry trends in system safety: An update Andrew Scott METS Ignited
8:50am 11:50am Cybersecurity and safety implications (canceled) Sachin Jari ABB
9:15am 12:15pm AEM’s autonomous machines coordinating committee Jeff Jurgens AEM
9:40am 12:40pm Break    
Case study session    
9:50am 12:50pm Case study 1: Komatsu - Automation in underground coal mining Jim Haughey Komatsu
10:20am 1:20pm Case study 2: Human factors in autonomous haulage – Challenges in operations and workforce development Richard Beesley Immersive Technologies
10:50am 1:50pm Case study 3: How Autonomous Vehicle Technology Can Improve Safety Anthony Levandowski
11:20am 2:20pm Update on automation global perspectives contract Joel Haight University of Pittsburgh
11:45am 2:45pm Wrap up Joel Haight University of Pittsburgh

Day 2 - August 18

Time (PDT) Time (EDT) Topic Speaker Affiliation
NIOSH research session
8:00am 11:00am Update on the NIOSH Center for Occupational Robotics Research Jacob Carr NIOSH
8:25am 11:25am Validating collision warning/avoidance system detection performance John Homer NIOSH
8:50am 11:50am Assured autonomy pilot project Bob Bissonette NIOSH
9:15am 12:15pm Human-centered design pilot project Mahiyar Nasarwanji NIOSH
9:40am 12:40pm Powered Haulage Initiative Melanie Calhoun MSHA
10:05am 1:05pm Break    
10:15am 1:15pm Designing a collision advisory system for surface mining equipment: A case study of human-centered design for new technology in mining Robin Burgess-Limerick University of Queensland
10:55am 1:55pm Operators transitioning to automated fleet supervisors Kyle Zimmer International Union of Operating Engineers
11:35am 2:35pm Wrap up and feedback on the meeting  Joel Haight University of Pittsburgh

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