School Crossing Guard Struck by Vehicle, Michigan

Michigan Case Report: 18MI027
Report Date: 06/24/2020


In Winter 2018, a female crossing guard in her 50s was struck by a vehicle while in the crosswalk attempting to stop oncoming traffic. The decedent was wearing a Type R (Class II) high visibility safety vest and using a hand-held stop sign with flashing lights. She also had a walkie-talkie and whistle. As she walked out into the crosswalk to stop motorists traveling east/west, she was struck by an eastbound minivan whose driver stated that due to sun glare, did not see her and did not apply the vehicle brakes. The decedent struck the hood and front passenger-side windshield of the minivan. Emergency response was called, and she was transferred to a local hospital where she died approximately one week later.


  • No advance warning of school zone in speed zone of 35 mph
  • Possibly not properly trained
  • Sun glare on dirt/haze covered windshield of vehicle striking decedent


  • Evaluate school crossings at least once every 5 years to determine if current crossing practices are the best option to ensure safety of both students and, if utilized, school crossing guards.
  • Municipalities should consider additional measures to increase visibility or slow traffic at intersections during school crossing periods.
  • Set and enforce speed limits in school zones at no more than 20 miles per hour in school zones where crossing guards are required for student safety.
  • School districts utilizing crossing guards should ensure that the guard meets the requirements of the Michigan Vehicle Code and Michigan Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Municipalities should ensure appropriate school signage is installed at school crosswalks.
  • To minimize the effects of sun glare, vehicle operators should take appropriate precautions, including regular cleaning of both the inside and the outside of the vehicle’s windows and windshield.

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Page last reviewed: July 27, 2020