Cumulative Trauma Disorders in the Workplace


September 1995
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 95-119

This publication is divided into two parts. Part I includes complete or partial copies of NIOSH and non-NIOSH references on cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs). These references were selected to provide a summary of NIOSH research and policy, and to provide CTD information of general interest to the reader. The titles of the references in Part I are listed in the Contents (page iii).

Part II contains a comprehensive bibliography of NIOSH documents on cumulative trauma disorders (PART II.A), as well as a brief listing of selected non-NIOSH references (PART II.B). Part II.A is arranged in six sections by type of NIOSH document. A brief description of each document type precedes the listing of documents in the section. Each document citation includes the title and year of publication, the number of pages, and where applicable, identifying number(s) and ordering information (see below). In addition, a brief abstract of each NIOSH document is provided. These abstracts were taken from NIOSHTIC®, a bibliographic database of worldwide occupational safety and health references maintained by NIOSH.

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