1994 Fact Book: National Program For Occupational Safety and Health in Construction

March 1994
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 94-114
94-114 Cover

The activities of NIOSH related to surveillance, research, and intervention pertaining to diseases and injuries among construction workers in the United States were summarized. Specific topics included hearing conservation programs for underserved worker groups, job assessment protocol for ergonomic hazard evaluations, control of health hazards in the construction industry, control of hazardous particulate exposures during new construction, field methods for analysis of airborne particulate lead (7439921), chemical characterization of roofing asphalt fume, development of bioassays, assessment of substitute materials for silicate sand in abrasive blasting, silicosis risk in the construction industry, ergonomic evaluation of carpenter tasks, evaluation of heat stress, case/control study of risk factors for falls, construction union study of painters, proportional mortality ratio study of ironworkers, musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers, health hazard evaluations in the construction industry, instructional module on construction safety and health, evaluation of controls protecting lead exposed workers, load monitoring, development of a construction injury predictive model, and the determination of blood levels in the Iowa construction industry.