Industry and Disabling Conditions of Disabled Workers 1975-1976

April 1986
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 86-105
86-105 Cover

Age adjusted proportional morbidity ratios (PMR) are presented by race and sex for 121 industry rubrics and 67 disease condition rubrics for the primary cause of disability. Data for the study was taken from Social Security Administration files on workers who have received benefit allowances for disabilities. The distribution of disability benefit allowances by the disease conditions causing disability of each industry is compared to the corresponding distribution for all workers combined. A statistically significantly high PMR was noted on one or more disabling conditions for 59 of the 121 industry rubrics examined. Two industry rubrics had disproportionate disability for all four race and sex groups: construction and construction, Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC). Four additional industry rubrics had significantly high disability for three or more of the four race and sex groups: Mining, NEC, Manufacturing, respectively for both white males and females and also black male workers, and both Transportation and Public Utilities, NEC and Services, respectively, for white male and female workers and black female workers.

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