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New Developments in Occupational Stress

December 1980
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 81-102
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Papers presented at a conference on new developments in occupational stress, held on November 13, 1978, are reviewed. A 5 year NIOSH study on psychological stress defines high risk groups and selected job stressors, and identifies particular stress problems encountered by specific high risk groups. The stress and strain effects of machine paced work operations are discussed, together with the implications of serious health consequences of forced pace work routines. The effects of job stress on coronary heart disease also are considered. The phenomena of cumulative injury in workmen’s compensation claims is discussed. A stress awareness program for incorporation into company organizations is described, along with an employee assistance program for alcohol, drug, and emotional problems. A study on stress and work conditions of air traffic controllers is included, and a description of a sociotechnical approach for large organizations is presented. A cooperative effort between labor and management in the establishment of occupational health programs is discussed.