Self-Evaluation Instrument – Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry

September 1980
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 80-148
80-148 Cover

A self-evaluation instrument for the nitrogen fertilizer industry (SIC-2874) is described. Questionnaires for each aspect of the manufacturing process and facilities are designed to be used with a walk through inspection of work areas and processes. Each section begins with a brief explanation of the potential safety and health hazards pertaining to the operations or procedures covered by that section. The questions are then presented to establish the existing status of specific activity in terms of its potential to cause injury or illness. The authors suggest that the persons most familiar with a specific operation or procedure respond to the section relating to their particular situation. The authors conclude that upon completion of the walk through investigation and questionnaire, areas that need upgrading will become obvious, and implementing corrective action will assure compliance with OSHA.