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NIOSH Current Intelligence Bulletin Reprints – Bulletins 19 thru 30 for 1978

September 1979
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 79-146
79-146 Cover

Current Intelligence Bulletins Numbers 19 through 30, published during 1978 were compiled and reprinted. The Bulletins were intended serve to alert individuals to health and safety hazards which have gone unrecognized or are greater hazards than had been generally realized. The Bulletins reprinted in this document concerned the following materials: 2,4-diaminoanisole (39156417) in hair and fur dyes; tetrachloroethylene (127184) as used in dry cleaning establishments, fabric finishing, and metal degreasing; trimellitic-anhydride (552307) as it is used as a curing agent for epoxy and other resins, in vinyl plasticizers, paints and coatings, polymers, polyesters, agricultural chemicals, dyes and pigments, pharmaceuticals, surface active agents, modifiers, intermediates, and specialty chemicals; ethylene-thiourea (96457) used as an accelerator in the curing of polychloroprene; toxic interaction of ethylene-dibromide (106934) and disulfiram (97778) in dyes, pharmaceuticals, solvents, leaded gasoline; direct-blue-6 (2602462), direct-black-38 (1937377), direct-brown-95 (16071866), all benzidine derived dyes; ethylene-dichloride (107062) used as a solvent and fumigant; ESN, a catalyst used in the manufacture of flexible polyurethane foams, acrylamide based gels and pharmaceuticals; chloroethanes used as solvents in degreasing agents, plastics manufacture, textiles industry, fumigants, and cutting fluids; vinyl halides as used in the plastics and other industries; glycidyl ethers, used in many industries; and epichlorohydrin (106898) used in the manufacture of epoxy resins, surface active agents, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, agricultural chemicals, textile chemicals, coatings, adhesives, ion exchange resins, solvents, plasticizers, glycidyl esters, ethynyl ethylenic-alcohol, and fatty acid derivatives.