Current Intelligence Bulletin 61: A Strategy for Assigning New NIOSH Skin Notations

July 2009
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2009-147
cover of 2009-147

NIOSH skin notations are hazard warnings used worldwide to alert workers and employers to the health risks of skin exposures to chemicals in the workplace. This Current Intelligence Bulletin (CIB) provides the rationale for assigning new NIOSH skin notations. The new system reflects the current state of scientific knowledge and involves critical evaluation of scientific data so that scientists can assign multiple skin notations that distinguish between the systemic, direct, and sensitizing effects of skin exposures to chemicals. This new strategy is a form of hazard identification that advances our understanding of the hazards posed by skin exposures to chemicals. Such improved understanding will enable us to implement better risk ­management practices and controls for the prevention of workplace skin diseases and other occupational diseases where skin exposure may contribute to disease development.

In August 2017 this document was revised to clarify the levels of evidence for skin designations (sufficient, limited, and insufficient). The criteria for these levels are intended to aid in assessing the overall quality and completeness of the assembled data sets. No substantive changes were made in this revision.

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