Request for information about the Need to Establish Personal Protective Technology Centers of Excellence

November 2021

NIOSH Docket Number 343, CDC-2021-0115

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requested information on the need to establish Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to address research and practice needs in the area of personal protective technology (PPT), including personal protective equipment (PPE).

PPT is instrumental in protecting the health and safety of workers in the US and globally. Due to the comprehensive and inter-/multi-disciplinary nature of PPT, innovative thinking and approaches are necessary to advance and maximize PPT in enhancing occupational safety and health. NIOSH/NPPTL seeks to establish CoEs dedicated to advancing PPT and serve as knowledge hubs where experts from multiple disciplines, industry representatives, and other stakeholders collaborate on PPT research and practice. The CoEs could also play critical roles in identifying research needs, conducting research, disseminating information including education and outreach activities, and translating research findings and technologies into products and practices that will enhance safety and health.

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Reference Documents

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