Partnership Opportunity to Identify Products for Fentanyl Exposure in Personal Protective Equipment Information Database

Docket 319: Partnership Opportunity to Identify Products for Fentanyl Exposure | NIOSH | CDC

October 2018
NIOSH Docket Number 319, CDC-2018-0085

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention solicited manufacturers to participate in PPE-Info database evolution to have their products identified for fentanyl exposure listed in the PPE-Info database.

PPE-Info is a collection of national personal protective equipment (PPE) information. The database provides standards developers, manufacturers, suppliers, purchasers, and end users of PPE with the ability to conduct general- or advanced-criteria searches of (1) relevant standards, (2) associated product types, (3) target occupational groups, (4) basic conformity assessment specifications, and (5) an abundance of additional pertinent information. PPE-Info is the only private or public U.S. database that compiles, tracks, and updates comprehensive information about national PPE standards and select product information. Using this collection of information, PPE-Info currently offers the following capabilities:

  • Identification of PPE standards, searchable by PPE type, hazard category, Standards Development Organization, Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code, standard type, and standard status, with basic- and advanced-search functions;
  • A PPE-Selection Logic Tool for potential Ebola exposure;
  • Identification of 3rd party testing laboratories whose scope of accreditation includes testing to the identified standard.

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