Construction Program Plan

NIOSH Docket Number 182

NIOSH announced the opportunity for the public to comment on the draft Construction Program Implementation Plan in response to the National Academies (NA) Program Evaluation Recommendations. The Implementation Plan includes an introduction and the proposed activities to address the NA Review Committee’s six recommendations for enhancing and expanding the impact and relevance of the program.

Material Under Consideration

“Plan to Implement the National Academies’ Program Evaluation Recommendations”; 7/27/09pdf icon [PDF – 912.38 KB]


Submission to the docket from Hicks (American Industrial Hygiene Association) – 9/30/09pdf icon [PDF – 1.16 MB]

Submission to the docket from Ringen (private person) – 9/30/09pdf icon [PDF – 2.83 MB]

Submission to the docket from Stafford (The Center for Construction Research & Training (CPWR)) – 9/25/09pdf icon [PDF – 1.89 MB]

Page last reviewed: July 6, 2010