Respiratory Diseases Research


NIOSH Docket Number 173

This plan reviews the NIOSH RDRP and its strategic goals; and the National Academies’ program evaluation and recommendations. It presents current priorities and planned activities within its strategic goal areas of occupationally-related airways diseases; interstitial lung diseases; respiratory malignancies; infectious diseases of the respiratory tract; and work to address the potential occupational hazards related to nanotechnology.

Material Under Consideration

Draft NIOSH Document, “NIOSH Respiratory Diseases Research Program Implementation Plan: Responding to Recommendations in the National Academies Report, Respiratory Diseases Research at NIOSH” – 4/8/09pdf icon [PDF – 2.58 MB]


Submission to the docket from Carlsten (University of British Columbia) – 7/31/09pdf icon [PDF – 368.52 KB]

Submission to the docket from Cullen (Stanford University School of Medicine) –- 7/21/09pdf icon [PDF – 429.74 KB]

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