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Air Fed Suits

November 2008
NIOSH Docket Number 148

The goal of this development plan is to develop a NIOSH respirator certification standard for air-fed suits where the suit acts as the respirator. The air-fed suit respirator may include an inclusive, one piece, positive pressure inflated chemical protection suit, or multiple component personal protection technologies utilizing a supplied air respirator (SAR), or an air purifying respirator, (APR).

Related Docket

Materials Under Evaluation

Notice of public meeting; 73 FR 65860; 11/5/08 [PDF - 1.97 MB]

Development Plan for Air-Fed Suit Respirator Standard; 11/20/08 [PDF - 2.19 MB]

Meeting Information

NIOSH/NPPTL public list of attendees; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 12/2/08 [PDF - 1.43 MB]

Transcript; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 12/2/08 [PDF - 78.94 MB]

Presentation titled, "Concept for NIOSH Certification of Air-Fed Ensembles" by Miller (NPPTL) – 12/2/08 [PDF - 3.35 MB]

Presentation titled, "Issues and Criteria for Air-Fed Protective Ensembles" by Shepherd and Haskell (NPPTL) – 12/2/08 [PDF - 5.73 MB]

Presentation titled, "Air-Fed Ensemble Overview" by Szalajda (NPPTL) – 12/2/08 [PDF - 842.50 KB]

Presentation titled, "Self-Contained Atmospheric Protective Ensemble (SCAPE) Propellant Handlers Ensemble (PHE)" by Dudzinski (Kennedy Space Center) – 12/02/08 [PDF - 3.92 MB]

Submissions from the public in order of receipt

Submission to the docket from Wells (NOVA Chemicals) – 1/6/09 [PDF - 449.61 KB]

Submission to the docket from Dudzinski (NASA) – 1/15/09 [PDF - 1.96 MB]

Submission to the docket from Zimmermann (SPERIAN Protective Apparel, LTD.) – 1/15/09 [PDF - 1.96 MB]

Submission to the docket from Burns (Safety Tech International, Inc.) – 1/15/09 [PDF - 1.23 MB]

Submission to the docket from Weber (3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division) – 1/15/09 [PDF - 2.06 MB]

Submission to the docket from Sell (Drager Safety, Inc.) – 1/16/09 [PDF - 1.71 MB]

Submission to the docket from Green (Syntech, Intl.) – 1/28/09 [PDF - 421.53 KB]