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Laboratory and Field Performance of a Continuously Measuring Personal Respirable Dust Monitor

May 2012
NIOSH Docket Number 084

NIOSH, through an informal partnership with industry, labor, and the Mine Safety and Health Administration, has developed and tested a new type of instrument known as the personal dust monitor (PDM). The dust monitor is an integral part of the cap lamp that a miner normally carries to work and provides continuous information about the amount of respirable coal mine dust in the breathing zone of that individual.

Material Under Consideration

NIOSH Report of Investigation 9669: Laboratory and field performance of a continuously measuring personal respirable dust monitor; DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2006-145 – September 2006 [PDF - 6,765 KB]


Peer Reviewers' Comments – posted December 31, 2009 [PDF - 1,083 KB]

Response to Peer Reviewers' Comments – posted December 31, 2009 [PDF - 1,386 KB]


Notice; 71 FR 32350; Notice of public input opportunity on "Laboratory and Field Performance of a Respirable Personal Dust Monitor"; 6/5/06 [PDF - 234 KB]

Submissions in order of receipt

Submission from Bain (S.D. Bullard Construction Co.); 6/6/06 [PDF - 25 KB]

Submission from Private person; 7/2/06 [PDF - 16 KB]

Submission from Belle (Anglo American plc); 7/5/06 [PDF - 65 KB]