Combination Units - SCBA/PAPR/APR


October 2006
NIOSH Docket Number 082

Initial concept considers established performance and design criteria from 42 CFR Part 84, consensus standards, and CBRN statements of standard. The Supplied Air CBRN standard will be developed using rulemaking processes. The concept paper addresses general requirements, combination unit specific requirements, and CBRN performance requirements.

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Materials Under Evaluation

Concept paper “Concept for open circuit CBRN SCBA in combination with non-powered CBRN air-purifying tight-fitting respirators and/or powered air-purifying tight-fitting respirators” dated 10/6/06pdf icon [PDF – 2,290 KB]

Submissions from the Public in Order of Receipt

Presentation by Jon Szalajda “Conceptual requirements for the combination CBRN open-circuit SCBA with tight-fitting full facepiece APR/PAPR” presented at the 10/12/06 meeting in Pittsbugh, PApdf icon [PDF – 1,470 KB]

Submission to the NIOSH Docket Office from Robert Sell (Dräger) – 9/27/07pdf icon [PDF – 4,370 KB]

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