Vendor (Application) Object Identifier (OID)

The Vendor (Application) OID is assigned by PHINTECH and is unique for each Vendor. If you are a software vendor producing CDA files for submission into the NHSN AU Option and need a Vendor (Application) OID, please contact the PHINDIR team via email at and include the following information in order to process your request:

Subject Line: Vendor (Application) OID Request for NHSN_PH


Body of Email:

  • Program: NHSN_PH
  • Vendor Name:
  • Requestor First Name:
  • Requestor Last Name:
  • Requestor Email Address:
  • Requestor Phone number:

In response to your email, you will receive a Vendor (Application) OID. This OID cannot be used other than to include Vendor (Application) OID in CDA files for the NHSN program. Specifically, this Vendor (Application) OID will be required in the author section of the AU CDA once a vendor passes Antimicrobial Use Synthetic Data Set (AU SDS) Validation.

Alternatively, you can contact the PHINDIR team by phone at 404-334-4290 or 800-532-9929. Please be prepared to provide the same information as above.

Please note that the Vendor (Application) OID is not the same as the Facility OID. The Vendor OID is needed as part of the AU SDS Validation initiative so that NHSN can track the SDS Validation status of vendors and their software. The Facility OID is used to indicate the hospital/healthcare facility whose data are included in the CDA file so that the data can be uploaded into the appropriate NHSN facility.

View instructions to obtain a Facility OID [PDF – 25 KB].

A hospital/facility should not request a Vendor OID unless that facility is a “homegrown” vendor creating their AU CDA files in-house using their own IT or Informatics resources. These facilities will need to complete the AU SDS Validation process prior to being able to submit 2021 AU Option data.

View Detailed AUR SDS Validation instructions.