Vendors that have Passed the AR SDS Validation

Beginning in May 2022, NHSN will list vendors that have passed Antimicrobial Resistance Synthetic Data Set (AR SDS) Validation below:

As a vendor neutral, federal program, NHSN does not endorse any AR CDA vendors. Rather the list below will inform current and prospective customers of vendor services and successes with respect to the NHSN AR Option SDS validation. It may take up to two months for this webpage to be updated with passing vendor information.

NHSN will require validation for all AR CDA vendors beginning in 2023.

Please refer to the Synthetic Data Set Validation website for information describing the AR SDS, the validation process, and FAQs.

Badge icon with text NHSN Validated Antimicrobial Use Reporting Solution
Vendors that have Passed the AU Synthetic Data Set Validation
Vendor Name Vendor Software Software Version/Release Date Passed Validation
Algo Express AR™ 2.6 12/01/2023
Altera Digital Health Sunrise Clinical Manager 24.1 03/06/2023
Altera Digital Health Sunrise Clinical Manager 22.1 06/09/2023
Ascension Technologies Ascension Technologies Not available 11/21/2023
Asolva, Inc. Medici 6 01/13/2023
Azalea Health ChartAccess 7.0 03/25/2024
BD HealthSight™ Advisors 4.18 09/22/2023
DASON (Duke Antimicrobial Stewardship Outreach Network) DASON ASAP 2.4 05/03/2023
Epic Bugsy Infection Control Epic Feb 22 and above 03/21/2023
Infectious Disease Connect ILÚM Insight 2.7.5 06/19/2023
Kern Medical Corepoint 2023.08.01 08/7/2023
MEDITECH Client/Server 5.67 03/08/2023
MEDITECH Expanse 2.1 03/08/2023
MEDITECH Expanse 2.2 03/08/2023
MEDITECH MAGIC 5.67 03/08/2023
MEDITECH 6.0 6.08 03/08/2023
MEDITECH 6.1 6.15 03/08/2023
Northwell Health Northwell Health AR SDS 1.4 05/15/2023
Oracle Health Antimicrobial Resistance Report Antimicrobial Usage and Resistance 2023.01.01 03/14/2023
Oracle Cerner Soarian Soarian Clinicals SC 4 03/30/2023
Paragon Paragon 23.2 8/2/2023
PipelineRx PowerGridRx 3.83.977 02/14/2023
Premier, Inc TheraDoc 5.3.1 04/24/2023
Premier, Inc. TheraDoc 5.4.0 05/25/2023
Premier, Inc. TheraDoc 5.4.1 10/20/2023
Premier, Inc. TheraDoc 5.4.2 1/30/2024
Premier, Inc. TheraDoc 5.4.3 05/6/2024
VigiLanz Corporation VigiLanz Corporation 2020 05/03/2023
Wolters Kluwer Sentri7 2023 05/15/2023