National Hospital Care Survey

NHCS Participants

Congratulations! Your facility has been selected to participate in the National Hospital Care Survey (NHCS). NHCS collects data on patient care in hospital-based settings to describe patterns of health care delivery and utilization in the United States. NHCS hospital-based settings include inpatient, emergency (EDs), and outpatient departments (OPDs). The survey collects data from a nationally representative sample of 608 hospitals and aims to provide hospital utilization statistics for the Nation. In addition, NHCS will also be able to monitor national trends in substance use-related ED visits including opioid visits.

Once enough hospitals have been recruited into NHCS, the survey will provide nationally representative estimates on hospital care. With the collection of patient identifiers, NHCS will have some distinct advantages. Linking patient encounters with the same facility across settings and over time will make it possible to study hospital readmissions. Linkage to outside data sources such as the National Death Index will make it possible to measure post-discharge mortality. You will be able to benchmark your hospital’s information against national estimates.

We look forward to having your facility be a part of NHCS!


NHCS Secure Transfer System

Participating hospitals, are you ready to upload your UB-04/837 data? This link will take you straight to our Secure Data Transfer System maintained by Westat, an agent of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

If you are interested in submitting EHR data, we will be in touch with you to set up procedures for the secure transfer of these files.