Ambulatory Health Care Data

Why Participate?

Why should you participate in NAMCS?

The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) Provider Interview Component is our nation’s foremost study of ambulatory care; it focuses on the collection of information from nonfederally employed ambulatory care providers (such as physicians and PAs [physician assistants and physician associates]) in the United States, who are primarily engaged in direct patient care. NAMCS fulfills an ongoing need for national statistics on ambulatory care that can be used to improve professional education curricula for healthcare workers, formulate health policy, inform medical practice management, and evaluate quality of care.

By participating in NAMCS, you will contribute to the national description of ambulatory medical care. If you choose not to participate, providers like you may be underrepresented in the survey and resulting national data.

Your participation is voluntary but very important. You were randomly chosen to represent not only yourself, but also thousands of other providers in your geographic region and medical specialty.

Your data are always confidential. NAMCS data are deidentified before being released for research and do not include any provider identifying information.

Visit the FAQ page for answers to common questions or contact us for answers to specific questions.

Equitable healthcare delivery begins with you.

Carol DeFrances