Ambulatory Health Care Data

What to expect if you have been selected to participate in NAMCS

What To Expect

  1.  If selected to participate, you will receive a National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) invitation letter [PDF – 220 KB] from the NCHS Director inviting you to participate in the survey, along with an introductory email [PDF – 239 KB]. Depending on when you completed the survey, you may receive additional introductory emails, invitation letters, or a survey packet that includes a paper version of the questionnaire.
  2.  The initial invitation letter invites participants to complete the Provider Interview survey online. A paper questionnaire is available and may be mailed to those who have not completed the survey online. On average, it only takes 30 minutes to complete.
  3. Your Login ID and password can be used to access the online survey. They can be found on your invitation letter [PDF – 220 KB].
  4. You are not being asked to provide any patient information. All respondents’ data are kept confidential and will be combined. You will not be asked to provide patient information. All NAMCS data are deidentified before being released.
  5.  NAMCS Provider Interview Component data will be analyzed and shared via scientific reports, data files, and other resources.
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