Republic of the Marshall Islands

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Information current as of October 6, 2021

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Management structure for school screening

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services (MOHHS) will coordinate with the Public School System (PSS) in the direction and management of activities as follows:

  1. Provide guidance on detection and prevention of COVID-19 in K-12 schools,
  2. provide technical assistance where and when needed, and
  3. provide the PSS with School District funding.

Support provided to school districts

The Republic of the Marshall Islands currently has no community transmission of COVID-19 within the country. If any cases arise, schools would be provided with resources to allow for hybrid learning. Recommendations that align with CDC guidance for screening testing will be provided by MOHHS. The K-12 COVID-19 screening testing implementation plan will be conducted according to the CDC indicators and Thresholds for Community Transmission of COVID-19 table.