Recent Projects

Airshot picture of Kibera
TSC Project evaluating the effectiveness of water and sanitation in the Kibera Village of Nairobi, Kenya

Impact of Canine Rabies Vaccination

Developing a model to estimate the economic and epidemiologic benefits of a canine rabies vaccination program in developing countries (i.e., the Philippines, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Dental Caries in Alaska Native Children

Developing a model to evaluate the cost-effective analysis of varying oral health intervention strategies in preventing dental caries and procedures requiring general anesthesia in children under the age of 5 years.

Cost-effectiveness of Targeting West Nile Vaccination among Elderly in United States

Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of targeting a West Nile virus vaccination in specific age groups of the US population (>50 years, >60 years and >70 years).

Cost-effectiveness of Dengue Fever Control in Puerto Rico

Evaluating the association between fumigation, cleaning, and the prevalence rate of Dengue Fever in Puerto Rico.

State Influenza Laboratory Capacity

Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of personnel capabilities in approximately 24 state influenza laboratories during public health response events.

Laboratory Sequencing

Economically evaluating the impact of investing in different mechanisms of deep sequencing instrumentation.

Anthrax Emergency Information and Decision Requirements

Developing a model to evaluate the relationship between critical response decisions during an anthrax emergency, the likelihood of desired data being available at each decision point, and the potential for filling in information gaps between the decision points and data elements by using other mathematical models. Anthrax Point-of-Care Diagnostic Evaluating the impact of various strategies for point-of-care anthrax diagnostic utilization on clinical outcomes and healthcare operations during an anthrax emergency.

Need for Mechanical Ventilators During the Next Influenza Pandemic

Modeling the hospital capacity to use mechanical ventilators during the next influenza pandemic.

Cholera in Haiti

Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of reducing the incidence of cholera and other diarrheal disease (all causes) in Haiti by comparing the use of water/sanitation projects against the use of cholera vaccines.

2012 Response to H3N2v Influenza Vaccine

Assessing the potential impact of a monovalent influenza vaccine against the H3N2v influenza strain.

Assessing the Change in Health Outcomes (including Case Fatality Rate) and Severity Associated with the 2012-13 Multistate Outbreak of Fungal Meningitis

Evaluating the degree of severity associated with fungal meningitis disease indicators, clinical diagnosis, and treatment protocols, using state-based Epidemiologic and clinical data.

Cost-effectiveness of using a Microneedle Patch Vaccine against Measles among Children in Developing Countries

Calculating the cost-effectiveness analysis of an immunization campaign in developing countries that will aim to vaccinate children aged 9 months to 12 years against measles.