Eliminating Health Disparities

Two little girls playing.

Significant health disparities still remain between indigenous and non-indigenous populations in the Arctic. For example, the rates of many infectious diseases are much higher among the Alaska Native population than among non-Natives in Alaska. In general, many indigenous Arctic populations experience:

  • Lower life expectancy
  • Higher infant mortality
  • Higher rates of suicide
  • Higher rates of infectious diseases
  • Higher rates of some cancers
  • Higher rates of dental caries

Other health concerns of the Arctic people include how environmental contaminants and climate change impacts both their health and their environment. AIP places a special emphasis on infectious diseases of high incidence and concern among the Alaska Native and American Indian population. Our research focuses on eliminating health disparities that still remain between rates of infectious diseases among indigenous and non-indigenous communities. AIP works closely with its partners to reduce and eliminate these health disparities in Alaska.