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Information current as of October 6, 2021

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To learn more about Connecticut’s school testing plans, visit their websiteexternal icon or contact their school-based screening testing program.

Management structure for school screening

The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) and State Department of Education (SDE) contracted with testing vendors from the state master contract to provide weekly screening testing for all eligible schools. DPH and SDE decided to focus screening testing efforts on those who cannot be vaccinated (i.e., children too young to be vaccinated or whose parents have not chosen to vaccinate them). This information is presented and disseminated to the school districts via weekly school meetings, email communications, and webinars. Schools are matched with testing vendors based on geographic location. DPH oversees vendor management and reimbursing of testing invoices.

Support provided to school districts

DPH and SDE released guidance for schools. Vaccination is encouraged for all who are eligible and universal mask wearing is required, regardless of vaccination status, in school buildings. DPH recommends that schools continue their efforts to maximize distance between students to the extent feasible, as well as cohort where feasible. Schools are encouraged to work with their HVAC contractor to explore any necessary and appropriate upgrades to their existing HVAC system. Contact tracing is a joint effort between the school and the local health department, and DPH has provided guidance on this effort. Students and staff should stay home if sick as well as frequently wash hands while in and out of the school setting. Weekly screening testing is offered to all students in public K-6 schools, as well as 7-12th grade schools and private K-6 in the largest eight cities.