Real Stories from People Who Have Experienced Blood Clots – Salonda Rippy Wheeler

Salonda’s Story

salonda rippy wheeler

I’m Salonda Rippy Wheeler and I had my first child by emergency Caesarean section. A couple of weeks after that, I realized I had a huge bruise on my left upper thigh. The pain was horrible and I was hopping around the house. My doctor suggested I get an MRI and this is how they discovered my deep vein thrombosis. I was in the hospital for a week. After that, I had to take a blood thinning medicine for six months. I also had to take heparin during the second and third pregnancies to keep my blood thin and prevent another clot. Thirteen years later, in 2012, the same leg had swollen and I began limping again. I went in January to get it looked at and was told I didn’t have a clot. I went back in February to the emergency room and was told that I had another blood clot in my left upper leg.

I am now on blood thinners for life and get my blood checked often. I am grateful to know the signs and symptoms and to listen to my body. I have 3 beautiful children that I would like to finish raising and would do anything to stay here to watch them grow. I don’t know why out of the blue I got another clot, but I am very grateful to be alive.

I appreciate life so much and know it is short and not promised. I would love to speak out and let others know not to take this lightly or ignore the warning signs your body gives you. I look at life as it is a blessing. I spend even more time with my children and try to walk more and eat right. I also stay on my medication and don’t miss a dose. I was always an optimistic person, but I also have a testimony to give and I want the world to hear it and know that it is all in how you approach it and deal with it.

CDC would like to thank Salonda for sharing this personal story.