Fact Sheets About Blood Clots

Basic Information

Blood Clots: A Serious but Preventable Medical Condition  pdf icon[PDF – 1,018 KB]

Anyone can be at risk for blood clots. Learn how protect yourself.

Healthcare and Blood Clots

Stop the Clot. Spread the Word.™ Campaign Materials

Pregnancy and the Risk for Blood Clots
Pregnancy and childbirth can increase the risk for blood clots. A woman is at increased risk up to 3 months after her baby is born. Learn more.

Blood Clot Risk Checklist for Pregnant Women
Determine your risk when pregnant or in the 3 months just after delivery. Share this information with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Blood Clot Prevention Checklist for Pregnant Women
Expecting or recently had a baby? Don’t let a blood clot spoil your joy. Discuss this checklist with your doctor.

Prevention Plan Checklist pdf icon[PDF – 467 KB]
Did you know that a hospitalization, surgery, or other healthcare treatment increases your risk for a blood clot? Learn what steps you can take to protect yourself.

Hospitalization Risks pdf icon[PDF – 682 KB]
Learn more about hospitalization and the increased risk for blood clots.

Checklist for Risk Factors pdf icon[PDF – 447 KB]
Learn more about common risks for blood clots.

Stop the Clot, Spread the Word™ Campaign Infographic pdf icon[PDF – 317 KB]