Select State-based Activities and Funding in Florida

The National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities’ extramural program funding (based on Fiscal Year 2021).

  • Population-Based Surveillance of Birth Defects and Data Utilization for Public Health Action
    Florida Department of Health (DD16-1601, 004946)
    Project ended 1/31/21
  • Improving Timely Documentation, Reporting, and Analysis of Diagnostic and Intervention Data through Optimization of EHDI Surveillance Practices and Information Systems
    Florida Department of Health (DD20-2006, 000059)
  • Improving the Health of People with Mobility Limitations and Intellectual Disabilities through State-based Public Health Programs
    Florida Department of Health (DD16-1603, 000012)
    No Cost Extension until 10/31/21
  • The Muscular Dystrophy Surveillance, Tracking and Research Network
    University of Florida (DD19-002, 001243- Comp B)
  • Surveillance for Emerging Threats to Mothers and Babies
    Florida Department of Health (CK19-1904, 000554)
  • Advancing Population-Based Surveillance of Birth Defects
    University of Florida (DD21-2101, 00107)