Student Programs

Group Photo CDC Lewis Ferguson Student Showcase, 2023

Lewis Scholars from UCLA’s Public Health Scholars Training Program at the 2023 CDC Student Showcase.

CDC’s Office of Health Equity (OHE) supports internship and fellowship opportunities for qualified undergraduate and graduate students to gain meaningful experiences in public health settings. The CDC John R. Lewis Undergraduate Public Health Scholars (Lewis) Program and the Dr. James A. Ferguson Emerging Infectious Diseases (Ferguson) Graduate Fellowship provide students, particularly those from populations that are underrepresented in public health professions, with career-building public health experiences.

CDC established the Lewis Scholars Program in 2011 to increase the knowledge, skills, and interest in public health careers among diverse students through internship programs. The program aims to equip the future public health workforce with the competencies needed to effectively address ongoing and emerging health inequities. The program introduces undergraduate students to topics in minority health and health equity and supports their career development.

CDC established the Ferguson Fellowship in 1989 to support public health research and professional development in the areas of infectious diseases and health disparities, with a special focus on increasing knowledge and interest in public health research careers among graduate students from underrepresented populations.