MicrobeNet is an online database that contains information about more than 2,400 rare disease-causing microbes, like bacteria and fungi (molds). MicrobeNet allows public health and clinical laboratories anywhere in the world to match results from their diagnostic tests against CDC’s unique collection of pathogens, making it faster and easier for labs to identify and respond to dangerous diseases.

When a patient comes to a hospital with a disease caused by a rare pathogen, their doctor and lab may have never seen the pathogen and may mistake it for more common diseases. This can lead to a lengthy and costly search to find the true cause and give the patient the right diagnosis and treatment. Worse, it could be too late to give the patient a life-saving treatment. This is where MicrobeNet comes in. Available for free online, MicrobeNet provides hospitals and laboratories with a way to rapidly check their results against the CDC online reference library and make the right decision faster.

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Scientists at CDC enter new pathogens into the MicrobeNet database every month

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What is MicrobeNet?

MicrobeNet is a free online database of rare and unusual pathogens designed to improve reference diagnostics and speed up species identification in hospitals and public health laboratories.

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How to Use MicrobeNet to Identify Pathogens from MALDI-TOF Data

Learn how to use MicrobeNet’s database of MALDI-TOF spectra to retroactively identify pathogens in any laboratory that works with MALDI-TOF instruments.

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How to Use MicrobeNet to Identify Pathogens from Phenotype Tests and 16S Sequence

Learn how to search the MicrobeNet database to identify pathogens based on either biochemical panel results or 16S ribosomal RNA sequence.

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