Public Health Response for Outbreaks

Key points

  • Outbreaks of meningococcal disease are rare, but unpredictable in the United States.
  • Outbreaks can be devastating to affected communities and organizations.
  • In certain outbreaks, CDC recommends vaccination against meningococcal disease to help stop the disease from spreading.
Young woman pointing to an adhesive bandage on her arm after injection of vaccine


Current outbreaksA

CDC is also monitoring

Cases linked to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2024, there have been reports of meningococcal disease in travelers who had been in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Umrah. CDC issued the following:

Increase in the United States

U.S. cases of meningococcal disease have increased sharply since 2021 and now exceed pre-pandemic levels. View the latest data.

  1. Outbreaks listed here go to content currently published on the CDC website, if available, or the appropriate health department's website.