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	Andrew Geller, MD CDC Expert Commentary: Hypoglycemia in Insulin-Treated Patients (3:26)

This video commentary describes hypoglycemia and medication errors among patients with diabetes who are treated with insulin.

Flow Restrictors May Help Prevent Medication Poisonings in Young Children (2:23)

This video demonstrates how devices called flow restrictors work when added to liquid medicine bottles, and describes the results of a CDC and Georgia Poison Center study that looked at how effective these devices can be for preventing young children from getting into liquid medicines when adults are not looking.

	doctor showing Safe Healthcare Blog CDC’s Safe Healthcare Blog: Medication Safety

CDC’s Safe healthcare blog provides a forum to discuss topics about making healthcare safer.

	father putting up medicines up high to keep child from reaching them Protect the Ones You Love from Poisoning (2:34)

This podcast, developed as part of the Protect the Ones You Love initiative, discusses steps parents can take to help protect their children from poisoning, one of the leading causes of child injury.

	Lee Hampton, MD CDC Expert Commentary: Prescribing Sedatives and Anxiolytics: Take Care (2:43)

This video commentary describes the number of adult emergency department visits in the U.S. caused by adverse events from sedatives and anxiolytics.

CDC Expert Commentary: Antipsychotics: Adverse Events That Send Patients to the ED (2:57)

This video commentary describes the number of adult emergency department visits in the U.S. caused by adverse events from antipsychotics.

	Daniel Budnitz, MD, MPH

CDC Medscape Commentary: What to Tell Your Patients About Medication Safety (5:03)

In this video commentary from the CDC, Daniel Budnitz, MD, MPH, provides tips for healthcare providers to share with parents about using medicines safely. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), September 2010.

	expert Cheryl Broussard, PhD CDC Expert Commentary: Medication Use in Pregnancy (4:50)

This video commentary is focused on medication use and its effects during pregnancy.

Good Medicine Can Be Bad for Baby (5:21)

In this podcast Dr. Cheryl Broussard discusses the potential link between birth defects and women taking medications during pregnancy.

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