Publications, Data, & Statistics

Reports, recommendations, and other studies can be important resources for monitoring the impact of pool codes on health and safety, water quality, and operations. Below is a list of publications that focus on issues relevant to swimming pool operation, organized by topic area. For publications on swimming associated-outbreaks and injuries see the Healthy Swimming website.

Publication Highlight

Hlavsa MC, Laco JP, Hill VR, Sheehan PA. 2021 Model Aquatic Health Code (4th Edition) pdf icon[PDF – 2 pages]external icon. J. Environ. Health. 2021;83(9):30-31.


Hlavsa MC, Gerth TR, Collier SA, Dunbar ER, Rao G, Epperson G, Bramlett B, Ludwig DF, Gomez D, Stansbury MM, Miller F, Warren J, Nichol J, Bowman H, Huynh B, Loewe KM, Vincent B, Tarrier AL, Shay T, Wright R, Brown AC, Kunz JM, Fullerton KE, Cope JR, Beach MJ. Immediate closures and violations identified during routine inspections of public aquatic facilities — Network for Aquatic Facility Inspection Surveillance, five states, 2013. MMWR Surveill Summ. 2016;65(No. SS-5):1–26.

Listed below are reports related to swimming pool operation and disinfection.

Listed below are reports related to microbial testing and disinfection.

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