Nebraska Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (CORE SVIPP)


Base Component | $250,000

Injuries are the leading cause of death for persons ages 15–44 in Nebraska. The Nebraska Injury Prevention Program in the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is working to decrease injuries and violence by implementing evidence-based programs and strategies.

Base Component

Nebraska is addressing all four required focus areas using injury and violence prevention strategies.

Preventing child abuse and neglect

Nebraska is developing tools to evaluate risk and protective factors that reduce child abuse and neglect. One of these tools is a checklist of questions for statewide home visitation programs to use. Nebraska is also partnering with the Maternal and Child Health Program to develop and distribute materials on abusive head trauma prevention.

Preventing intimate partner violence/sexual violence

Nebraska is providing evaluation support to local Rape Prevention Education-funded communities implementing Safe Datesexternal icon. This is a program designed to prevent the initiation of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in adolescent dating relationships. They are also evaluating Green Dotexternal icon, a bystander-based prevention program designed to increase positive bystander behavior, change social norms, and reduce sexual and other forms of interpersonal violence perpetration and victimization.

Preventing traumatic brain injury

Nebraska is supporting the implementation of Return to Play and Return to Learn policies across the state by conducting a review of these policies to determine gaps and opportunities for improvement. Nebraska is publicizing the availability of concussion-related Health Care Training Modules and Continued Medical Education to physicians statewide and providing policy resources to schools to facilitate Return to Learn policy  development.

Preventing motor vehicle crash injury and death

Nebraska is working to reduce teen driver fatalities and injuries by conducting policy reviews and leading a parent education media campaign around the state’s Graduated Driver Licensing law. In addition, Nebraska is increasing the number of schools participating in Teens in the Driver Seatexternal icon, a teen-driven, peer-to-peer educational program that focuses solely on traffic safety and addresses all major driving risks for this age group.

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