After You Apply

  1. Phase I Review:
    All applications will be initially reviewed for eligibility and completeness by CDC Office of Grants Services. Complete applications will be reviewed for responsiveness by the Grants Management Officials and Program Officials. Non-responsive applications will not advance to Phase II review. Applicants will be notified that their applications did not meet eligibility and/or published submission requirements.
  2. Phase II Review:
    A review panel will evaluate complete, eligible applications in accordance with the criteria below.
  1. Approach
  2. Evaluation and Performance Measurement
  3. Applicant’s Organizational Capacity to Implement the Approach

Not more than thirty days after the Phase II review is completed, applicants will be notified electronically if their application does not meet eligibility or published submission requirements.

i. Approach (35 points)
Evaluate the extent to which the applicant:

  • Describes an overall strategy and activities consistent with the NOFO and logic model. (10 points)
  • Describes each strategy and the associated activities that are achievable, appropriate to achieve the outcomes of the project, and evidence-based (to the degree practical). (10 points)
  • Presents a work plan that is aligned with each of the required strategies and associated activities, outcomes, and performance measures in the NOFO. (10 points)
  • Presents outcomes that are consistent with the period of performance outcomes in the NOFO and logic model. (5 points)

ii. Evaluation and Performance Measurement (25 points)
Evaluate the extent to which the applicant:

  • Proposes an evaluation plan that is consistent with their work plan and the CDC evaluation performance strategy, and that is feasible and likely to demonstrate recipient performance outcomes, including successes and needed improvements. (15 points)
  • Shows/affirms the ability to collect data on the process and outcome performance measures specified by CDC in the project description and presented by the applicant in their approach. (10 points)

iii. Applicant’s Organizational Capacity to Implement the Approach (40 points)
Evaluate the extent to which the applicant:

  • Organizational Capacity (15 points)
  • Relationship with state and local health department HIV prevention and surveillance staff (15 points)
  • Project Management and Staffing (10 points)

Budget (Reviewed, but not scored)

  1. Phase III Review
    The next step of the review process for Component A only, may include a pre-decisional site visit (PDSV). Component A applicants can receive a maximum of 200 points. If the proposal fails to score at least 140 points during the PDSV, the applicant will not be considered for funding. Component A applicants applying for funding will be selected to receive a PDSV based on scores from the Objective Review process and CDC’s funding preferences.
    During PDSVs, CDC staff will meet with appropriate project management and staff, which may include representatives of governing bodies, executive director, program manager, etc. The PDSV (1) facilitates a technical review of the application and discussion of the proposed program; (2) further assesses an applicant’s capacity to implement the proposed program; and (3) identifies unique programmatic conditions that may require further training, technical assistance, or other CDC resources. Final funding determinations will be based on application scores from the objective review panels, scores from the PDSV, and CDC’s funding preferences.