After You Apply

In accordance with the “Review and Section Process” section of the funding opportunity, CDC will use a three-phase process to review and select applications.

Phase I Review: All applications will be initially reviewed for eligibility and completeness by the Office of Grants Services. Complete applications will be reviewed for responsiveness by Grants Management Officials and Program Officials. Non-responsive applications will not advance for further review. Applicants will be electronically notified that their applications did not meet eligibility and/or published submission requirements.

Phase II Review: A review panel will evaluate complete, eligible applications using scoring criteria as outlined in the funding opportunity. Applicants will be electronically notified no later than 30 days after completion of this review phase.

Phase III Review: Applicants will be selected to receive a pre-decisional site visit (PDSV) based on ranked scores from the review panel (Phase II). In addition to ranked scores, the following CDC funding preferences may be considered:

  • Preference to avoid unnecessary duplication of services;
  • Preference for balance of funded applicants based on (1) burden of HIV infection within jurisdictions; and disproportionately affected geographic regions, as measured by CDC;
  • Preference for applicants that propose cost-effective programs that fully maximize CDC’s fiscal resources; and
  • Preference for applicants with extensive experience (at least 2 years) building the capacity of the HIV prevention workforce.

Final funding determinations will be based on rank order of scores from the entire application review process and consideration for CDC’s funding preferences.

Awards will be announced prior to the anticipated award date of April 1, 2019.