Histoplasmosis Personal Stories

At a glance

  • When Ken first got sick, he thought he had the flu. After a week, he wasn't getting better. He went to two hospitals before doctors diagnosed him with histoplasmosis.
  • Mauricio believed he had a cold, until his symptoms worsened. Then, he lost sight in his right eye. It took almost a month for Mauricio to be diagnosed with histoplasmosis.
man sitting at a table

Ken's story

At first, Ken thought he had the flu. The coughing and weakness had quickly progressed to chills, a high fever, appetite loss, and trouble breathing. After a week, he wasn't getting better, and Ken began to worry that he had something worse than the flu. The answer turned out to be something he could not have imagined.

man with oxygen tank sitting at a table
Ken looks at a scrapbook of photos and cards from when he was sick.


Mauricio's story

One night, Mauricio started having fever and body aches. Mauricio, a doctor at a Colombian hospital, figured he just had a cold. But two days later, he was worse, with chills, a headache, a cough, and swollen lymph nodes in his neck. Within a week, he started feeling better. Then his mysterious illness took an unusual turn: Mauricio suddenly lost sight in his right eye.

man speaking to a group of people
Mauricio works as a doctor, teacher, and researcher in Colombia.