Seminar Series 2018

To celebrate 20 years of public health genomics at CDC, the Office of Public Health Genomics sponsored 10 webinars in 2018 covering a wide range of topics. The seminars were widely attended online and in person. Some of these seminars were co-sponsored with NCI and NHLBI. Below, please find the title of these events, speakers, slides or youtube videos, when available. If you have ideas for seminars in 2019, please email us at

Genomics Seminar Series for 2018 
Date Title Speakers Speaker Slides or Video
January 29, 2018 Emerging Roles of Human and Pathogen Genomics in Public Health Practice
  • Gregory Armstrong
February 14, 2018 Integrating Genome Sequencing in Health Care Systems:
Evaluation, Implementation, and Population Health Impact
  • Integrating Genome Sequencing in Health Care Systems: Evaluation, Implementation and Population Health Impact – slide set from Gregory Feero
  • Lessons from a genomics screening program: The Geisinger experience –  slide set from Michael Murray
March 27, 2018 The Role of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Precision Medicine and Public Health Genomics
May 9, 2018 Using Genetic Risk Scores in the Prevention and Control of Common Diseases: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Sekar Kathiresan
  • Seminar Video
  • Genome-wide polygenic scores for common diseases identify individuals with risk equivalent to monogenic mutations – Slide Set from Sekar Kathiresan
  • Polygenic risk research: Lessons learned from the pre-GWAS days – Slide Set from Cecile Janssens
May 21, 2018 Building the plane while flying it: implementing genomics activities in states while establishing the evidence base
  • Laura Senier
June 15, 2018 The Role of Genomics in Health Promotion, Communication and Behavioral Science
August 13, 2018 Implementing Genomics in a Direct-to-Consumer World: Opportunities for Education and Communication
  • Emily Edelman
August 24, 2018 Health Disparities in Implementation of Genomic Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Tuya Pal
October 19, 2018 Integrating Genomics into Public Health Surveillance:
Ushering in a New Era of Precision Public Health
November 27, 2018 What is Mendelian Randomization and How Can it be Used as a Tool for Medicine and Public Health? Opportunities and Challenges
  • George Davey Smith