Flu Fighter: Jasmine

Meet flu fighter Jasmine a clinical nurse providing care to critically ill children and support to patients’ families during the most difficult times in their lives. Beyond providing treatments to her patients, Jasmine is committed to preventing flu and its spread in the hospital by getting an annual flu vaccine and practicing proper hand hygiene and isolation techniques.

Name: Jasmine MSN,RN

Title: Clinical Nurse, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, GA

  1. In your role, how do you prepare for flu season each year?
    I get a flu shot every year. At the children’s hospital I work at, the flu vaccine is a requirement for all staff that have direct patient contact. Nonetheless, I would make sure to get the flu vaccine even without the requirement in order to protect my patients, family, and myself. It’s an important step to preventing the spread of flu, especially in healthcare settings. We also prioritize hand hygiene year-round.
  2. What is the most difficult part of flu prevention?
    One of the most difficult parts of flu prevention is ensuring patients, patient families, and clinicians alike are all compliant in hand hygiene, such as washing their hands for the proper amount of time and avoiding highly-touched surfaces. My patients seem to love to touch their faces and touch pretty much everything. This is why getting the flu vaccine and disinfecting highly-touched surfaces is crucial.
  3. Why do you think people underestimate the seriousness of flu illness?
    The flu seems like a “common winter illness” that everyone gets, but flu is much more serious than people think. Also, some people attribute other illnesses, such as the common cold, to the flu.
  4. Why is it important to get the flu shot every year?
    It is important to get the flu shot every year because influenza viruses change. The vaccine that you got last year may not protect you this year. It is also extremely important that everyone 6 months and older get a flu vaccine to protect themselves AND the people around them who may be at high risk for developing serious complications from the flu.
  5. What would you say to those who are hesitant about getting the flu shot?
    Get the flu vaccine to protect your loved ones who may be more susceptible to flu and flu complications. Flu can be deadly for anyone, but as a pediatric nurse I have witnessed the severity flu can have on my patients. All children 6 months and older need a flu vaccine, and parents need a flu vaccine to protect their children. Healthcare providers: it is essential for you to get a flu vaccine too! If not for your protection, get a flu vaccine to protect your patients who may be at risk of complications from flu. If you do get the flu, please avoid going to work if possible.