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National Pandemic Influenza Plans (2005-2009)

In 2005 and 2006, the Homeland Security Council outlined the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza [551 KB, 17 Pages] and National Strategy Implementation Plan [4.4 MB, 233 Pages] to guide the United States’ preparedness and response in an influenza pandemic, with the intent of stopping, slowing or otherwise limiting the spread of a pandemic to the United States; limiting the domestic spread of a pandemic, mitigating disease, suffering and death; and sustaining infrastructure and mitigating impact to the economy and the functioning of society. In addition, the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Guide for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources [5.7 MB, 84 Pages] provides a contingency planning process for a pandemic, including sector-specific information planning.

At the same time, HHS framed its Pandemic Influenza Plan [5.97 MB, 396 Pages] around a doctrine that laid out guiding principles for pandemic influenza preparedness and response. The plan served as a blueprint for all HHS pandemic influenza planning and response activities by outlining federal plans and preparation for public health and medical support; providing detailed guidance to state and local health departments; and outlining specific roles and responsibilities of HHS agencies in the event of a pandemic. Since 2005, HHS has published several pandemic influenza planning updates, highlighting improved policies and plans, advances in science, and significant accomplishments in preparing for an influenza pandemic.