CDC’s Executive Secretariat

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Role and Responsibilities of the CDC Executive Secretariat

The CDC Executive Secretariat provides coordination, management, and critical guidance to the CDC Director and CDC’s Centers, Institutes and Offices to ensure that responses to correspondence and documents are addressed in a timely manner and clearly articulate CDC’s policies.

The Executive Secretariat is located in CDC’s Office of the Chief of Staff and is responsible for:

  • Providing effective direction and control over incoming correspondence (including invitations) addressed to the CDC Director
  • Reviewing all material that comes to the CDC Director for approval and/or signature to assure that such materials are procedurally or otherwise in accordance with CDC’s rules, instructions, and standards
  • Coordinating the volume of official material that requires the attention of the CDC Director
  • Ensuring that CDC operating units are informed of and given an opportunity to comment on material affecting their organizations or functions
  • Maintaining official agency records of the CDC Director’s decisions and correspondence

CDC’s Executive Secretariat Contact Information

You can contact the CDC Executive Secretariat at the following address, phone number, email, or fax number:

Executive Secretariat
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
1600 Clifton Road NE
Mailstop D-14
Atlanta, GA 30329

Phone: (404) 639-7120
Fax: 404-639-7150

Page last reviewed: December 12, 2016