Tracking Awareness Week

Key points

  • Tracking Awareness Week is an annual event hosted by the Environmental Public Health Tracking Program.
  • CDC and partners highlight important environmental health issues and showcase the work of the Tracking Program.
  • The 9th annual event is July 8-12, 2024 with the theme "Be A Data Explorer!"
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CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Program is hosting the ninth annual Tracking Awareness Week July 8–12, 2024.

During this time, CDC and partners highlight important nationwide environmental health issues and showcase the work of the Tracking Program. Partners include state and local health departments, researchers, and people interested in environmental health.

The theme for this year's Tracking Awareness Week is "Be a Data Explorer!" Throughout the week, we will highlight:

  • unique data and tools from CDC and grant recipients.
  • the network of people and partners powering Tracking resources.
  • how people use data to inform public health actions.

Be a data explorer!

Tracking Program staff work hard to make sure that everyone can access, understand, and use environmental health data and information. Explore our data, projects, and partnerships. Discover how they empower people to make information-driven decisions that affect their personal, family, and community health. 

Attend our daily webinars.‎

Webinars are scheduled each day 2:00pm to 3:00pm ET. Webinar topics align with the daily themes.
Meeting ID: 161 735 6392 | Passcode: 618761

Daily themes

Monday: Data Discovery

The Tracking Program brings together data and information on environment, exposures, health effects, and populations. These data empower people to make informed decisions about public and personal health. View the data in dynamic maps, charts, and graphs.

► Explore our mountains of environmental public health data that can help inform public health actions.

Tuesday: Tools of the Trade

Different people need information in different ways. That's why the Tracking Program offers multiple options for people to access our environmental public health data. Tracking aims to provide better information for better health—for everyone.

► Enhance your data explorations with tools and resources designed to meet the needs of all kinds of people.

Wednesday: Adventures in Teamwork

Strong partnerships are essential to the Tracking Program. These collaborations build skills and expand resources for the us and our partners.

► Discover how we work with partners to expand, improve, and use environmental health data and resources.

Thursday: Road to Success

Tracking Program staff and partners use environmental health data in many ways. These include implementing policy changes, improving public health processes, and benefitting state and local communities.

► Find out the latest Tracking Program success stories of data in action.

Friday: Future Directions

Innovation is part of the Tracking Program's DNA. We identify and creatively address challenges related to technology and processes. Doing this strengthens our ability to adapt quickly to changing situations.

► Plan a new data adventure by learning about the Tracking Program's future additions and enhancements to our data and processes.

Get involved

Join the #BeADataExplorer conversation on X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook.

Attend our daily webinars at 2:00pm ET.